The Very Short Story of I Remember

Roserbie "Zerbie" Theoc

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Roserbie Theoc most call me "Zerbie".  When i wrote this song I Remember I was home recovering from a surgery I had. I was listening to a long instrumental part in another song called I Remember by Deadmau5. The chords in that song was so melodic to me. There are just some tunes you hear that are easy to write to, Deadmau5 's chords was one for me. 

The genre of music that I usually create was pop and R&B, so this would have been my first time writing a dance tune. To be quite honest I don't think I know what genre this song fits in.

After writing the song I asked my friend Hilaire Charles to create a track for me around this the melody that I sang to him. Hilaire too had never made a dance or house track. So we were in uncharted territory.... and he added some of our Haitian roots in the song which I love.

I hope you love this song as much as I do. Everyone's whose heard it gets happy listening to it. I know it's a song that lifts up the soul. I hope wherever you are I Remember will just lift you off your feet!

Thank You for supporting your artist!




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